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Market Research and Marketing Research

STOP Wasting Money on Campaigns that Don't Work!

Combine Qualitative Research and Quantitative Research Methods To Unlock the Minds of Your Target Market and Watch the Sales Flood In!

The key to unlocking your business' potential is to truly understand your target market through quality market research and marketing research, so you know what they want, what they respond to, and the reasons why they'd buy from you.

Once you understand these elements you can then develop customer acquisition strategies that position your product or service at your target market's inner most desires - making it impossible for your prospects to say no.

You can only gain an accurate picture of your market however, and thereby create this type of quality in your client acquisition material, if you use a balanced combination of qualitative research and quantitative research methods.

If however you are making business decisions based on opinion, hunches or your personal experience, you are playing Russian Roulette with your business - you are assuming your customers are thinking what you think they are thinking.

You may want to conduct research for a variety of reasons and here is just a handful of the more frequently chosen formats:

• Customer satisfaction
• Mystery shopping and benchmarking
• Price benchmarking
• Competitor research
• New product research
• New service research
• Brand perception
• Market perception
• Market evaluation
• Employee satisfaction

If you want to know which of these are appropriate to your aims or how they can be deployed for you, call Jo Rhodes-Lewis on 01780 322223 for an informal discussion or by email:

In today's modern world you have a wealth of methodologies to choose from:

• Telephone research interviews
• Postal surveys
• Email surveys
• Internet surveys
• Face to face interviews
• Focus groups
• Internet research
• Desk research
• Depth interviews
• Qualitative
• Quantitative

For an informal chat to discuss what will best meet your aims and timescales call Jo Rhodes-Lewis now on 01780 322223 or email your questions to her at

STOP! Before YOU hire a market research team read this.

If you don't have the right research team then the marketing research they collect could give a misleading picture and be useless or even damaging to your business.

Common problems with some market research include issues like:

• Leading Questions: If your researchers ask questions that encourage participants to give a particular answer, the results will become unbalanced and inaccurate. An example of a leading question could be, "don't you think it is wrong that the government is putting only X into 'A' when it clearly isn't working?" If you would like Tangible Marketing Solutions' research team to give you a free analysis of your market research questions click here.

• Sample Quality or Size: To have an accurate understanding of your target market you must survey enough people, and these people must proportionately represent the demographics and beliefs of the larger group - or the answers you receive might not accurately represent the rest of the prospects and customers. This can be quite difficult to determine, but after years of experience Tangible Marketing Solutions can assess the quality of the contact list you intend to research and improve the quality if needed. Click here for more information on data selection and segmentation.

• The Questions May Restrict Them or Not Be Measurable: There are two elements to this problem. Firstly, the questions must be phrased properly (click here if you would like Tangible Marketing Solutions to give you a free analysis of your current questions), and secondly, in most cases, you should use both qualitative research methods and quantitative research methods. Qualitative research methods allow you to explore in depth the hearts and minds of your target segments and informs the construction of a larger quantitative research survey. The quantitative research then gives you a measurable picture of what your customers are thinking.

• Interviewer and Confidentiality Bias: If a survey isn't performed correctly, surveyed participants may answer incorrectly. This can be down to a number of factors: the participant might be trying to give the interviewer the answer they think he or she wants to hear, they might be embarrassed about their real answer, they may not have correctly understood the question, or they may want to come across a certain way (like they might want to give the impression they are smarter or more "cultured" than they really are for example). The key to minimising this bias is to recruit the right market researchers, read on to find out why you should choose Tangible Marketing Solutions' market researchers to get accurate results.

• Anonymity and Impartiality:  If you want your research to be impartial and unbiased it is essential to use an anonymous and impartial source to conduct the survey.  This gives you the additional freedom to use the findings in your promotional communications, because you the research will have been conducted and verified by an independent source.

• Wrong Questions: It may seem fairly obvious, but if you aren't asking the right questions, you aren't going to get the right answers. Therefore it is important to identify the objectives of the project, and how the results can help you further your client acquisition material. At Tangible Marketing Solutions we always plan with you before undertaking a project to make sure the project gets the results you need.  And if the results are surprising after we've started, then we will review the approach to ensure that we are truly gathering the data you need in order to make informed decisions.

Why should you choose Tangible Marketing Solutions to conduct your marketing research?

When you choose to use Tangible Marketing Solutions you get a highly experienced team of researchers who take you through a proven system that ensures you only get the absolute best results.

First, we take the time to really understand what your objectives are and what you want out of this project in a free consultation.

This allows us to do three things: it allows us to advise you on whether this option is right for you, it allows us to understand what you want and tailor our service to your objectives, and it gives us a chance to advise you on the best way to go about your project.

We then either develop questionnaires for you, or if you already have questionnaires you would like to use, we give you suggestions on how you can reword questions to produce the most accurate results.

Then your researchers will undergo rigorous role playing exercises to ensure that they are equipped to gather the information in the right way without adding bias or exerting influence on the answers through the nuances of communication.

Only once your researchers have gone through this process will any phone call be made.

After the research has been conducted, you will receive an extensive report that gives you an in-depth overview of the results. You will then have the opportunity to clarify the data with Tangible Marketing Solutions, and be able to create winning client acquisition material and strategies.

At Tangible Marketing Solutions, it is our attention to detail and our dedication to accuracy that has put us ahead of our competition.

For a free of charge, obligation free estimate, please contact Jo Rhodes-Lewis on 01780 322223
or by email: click-to-reveal@tangiblemarketingsolutions.co.uk.

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